Ortho Physiotherapy

Ortho Physiotherapy

-By Dr. Singh

Physiotherapy is a popular method of treatment which majorly focuses on the science of movement and facilitates the people to properly maintain, restore and maximize their physical strength, motion & function by properly addressing all the underlying issues of the physical functionality.

Physiotherapists are experts in offering physiotherapy treatment majorly for the below-mentioned issues:

  1. Maintaining and improving physical performance
  2. Rehabilitating the effect of a serious injury and much more

If a patient is suffering from an injury that effect the structure of his body the joints, bones, tendons, ligaments, and muscles, then opting for the skilled orthopaedic physiotherapy is indeed very necessary. Orthopedic physiotherapy is majorly focused on treating those medical conditions that affect the musculoskeletal system which is made up of the muscles, joints, ligaments, bones, and tendons. The orthopaedic conditions and injuries include the following conditions:

  1. Muscle strains
  2. Fractures
  3. Sprains in the ligament
  4. Tendonitis
  5. Post-operative condition

There are also some injuries that can be caused by the musculo skeletal system which may further lead to pain and limited mobility . These nature of impairments would prevent you from enjoying recreational activities and normal work. The major focus of the orthopaedic physical therapy is to facilitate your range of motion, strength and also overall functional activity.

The most commonly used tool for Physiotherapy

  • Assistive devices like canes and walkers
  • Prosthetics and Orthotics
  • Exercise tools and equipment
  • Assessment and evaluation tools
  • Soft tissue massage or mobilization tools
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