Gyne Physiotherapy

Gyne Physiotherapy

-By Dr. Singh

Most of the women even today even after so many years of revolutionary development in medical science does not know
that help is available and that physiothearphy can help them in a game changing way . 

Physiotherapy help my pelvic floor.

Problems with the pelvic floor can occur when these muscles are too weak (hypotonic) or too tight (hypertonic). It is also possible for these muscles to combine a pattern of too much tension in some areas while too relaxed in others!

When the pelvic floor muscles are low- tone (hypotonic) the hammock becomes less effective at supporting the pelvic organs and symptoms such as urinary or bowel incontinence, urgency and pelvic organ prolapse can occur. These are NOT a normal part of aging and the muscles can become weak for many reasons.

The good news is that a structured exercise program to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles is effective in reversing the symptoms in 80% of women.

Following an assessment treatments for the symptoms of hypotonic pelvic floor muscles include:

  • Pelvic floor re-training and exercises
  • Provision of pelvic floor educators/muscle stimulators to improve your activation and power of your pelvic floor contraction
  • Pilates based pelvic stability exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles which play a supporting role in the strength of the pelvic floor
  • Assessment and treatment of any low back/pelvic pain issues which can lead to weakness of the pelvic floor muscles

Physiotherapy help me during pregnancy?

There can be many problem faced by women during pragnancy one of it could be Pelvic girdle pain and stress urinary incontinence are common amongst pregnant women. These symptoms often occur due to hormonal changes and the ever increasing weight of your baby and uterus.

An assessment with a Women’s Health Physiotherapist is often all you need to prevent this. Making sure that you are doing the right pelvic floor exercises; activating the correct muscles for a suitable length of time is important in maintaining a strong pelvic floor through your pregnancy and beyond.

In pregnancy the extra strain on these ligaments can cause pain and movement dysfunction. In such conditions the muscles supporting these ligaments become extra important in providing stability and control. There is much evidence to support physiotherapy for pelvic pain in pregnancy 

physiotherapy can help you in every best possible way during pragnancy or after birth phrase . you just have to opt for doctor who is experienced enough . DR K.P Singh is a well known doctor and having experinece since a long time . Dr K P Singh with his knowlegde have solved problem of almost all his patient facing these problem 

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